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New Media

From the big idea to the smallest detail, our capabilities range from creative and developmental services, to digital marketing and the effective use of multimedia.

Websites are evolving. Is yours?

Sure we're experts in all the creative and technical stuff (web design and build) but we're also expert in effective communication, the bedrock of which is 'usability'. This ensures that from the very start of a project, how your target audience uses a page and navigates a site drives the design process. We don't design first, test after. We test and check all the way along.

We're also passionate about standards based design. Why? The benefits to website owners are many. Better search engine results, better accessibility, decreased maintenance time and decreased costs to mention a few.

Honestly? You'd be hard pressed to find a another Dubai web design company with the same pasion for web design that we have.

Take control of your website

Manage and update your website in-house without the expense of continually using a web design agency for content management. This allows you to rapidly deploy information as soon as it becomes available. Our CMS modules are simple and easy to use, putting you in control with no technical knowledge required.

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Our rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider

We have vast experience in developing websites that are search engine friendly. We follow all the best and ethical practices (such as semantic coding) to ensure that your website is as visible and indexable as possible. Our CMS even allows you to manage and therefore constantly fine-tune SEO related components yourself.

You only have to look at the search engine results for the term "Dubai web design" (where we are on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing most of the time) to see the proof that we can get you the traffic your business needs and deserves.

Make it simple
Make it memorable
Make it inviting to look at
Make it fun to read

Need a killer marketing campaign? Want to know who is reading your HTML newsletters and what they are particularly interested in? We can manage your email campaigns, show you what your target audience wants more of (via charts and graphs) as well as automatically manage your subscriber list. We provide these services for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and international customers.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

If stock imagery wont do the trick and you need something unique for your website or other online marketing channels then look no further - we have the skills and the kit to shoot stills and video to suit almost any need.

We specialize in shooting for websites off course and revel in the opportunity to create original content to help your website stand out from the pack. The possibilities and creative opportunities are endless!

Fascinate, bewitch dazzle and delight.

We have always been at the forefront of Flash development. Used wisely Flash can create some very rich user experiences and really engage the visitor but as Buddha said, "Everything in moderation... including moderation".

Stable, secure and reliable hosting

Whether you need a Windows or Linux solution, we have all the latest technologies loaded and ready to serve along with all the other bells and whistles you'd expect from a professional hosting solution.

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