Content Management System

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BB CMS to the rescue!

Gone are the days where you have a website built, upload it to the server and just sit back. Today, in order to stay visible and competitive and to give your customers what they expect, you need to regularly update your website in order to keep it fresh and current. Whereas in the past it was affordable to pay a web design company (such as bluebeetle) to make the odd update here and there, today, with the large volumes of changes that are required, this is no longer cost effective. Enter the BB CMS (Busy Bee Content Management System).

The BB CMS is an easy-to-use content management system developed and maintained by bluebeetle. It's simple but powerful, giving you full control over your content even if you're not tech savvy. Our powerful and user friendly solution allows you and your team to update your site in-house from any browser connected to the internet no matter where you are. What's more, the BB CMS allows us to offer bespoke solutions catered specifically for your needs. It's not a one-size-fits-all system. Because of its modular approach we can modify the framework to suit your specific requirements no matter what they are.

We not only provide Content Management System`s to Dubai companies can cater for you wherever you are located in the U.A.E. or around the world. Our software solutions are truly flexible, contact us for more information or for a demonstration.

Content Management System

The key benefits of our content management system:

BB CMS has been designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. Our primary aim was to build something that was simple, user friendly and intuitive. Whether it is your entire site or selected parts, you'll be able to manage anything from text to images and everything in-between.

Unlike other so called 'enterprise class' content management systems, our CMS can work with any type of design, including dynamic sites featuring complex backend databases. The content management system in no way limits the design potential of your site.

Whether you are a small-to-medium-size business or a large enterprise, the BB CMS scales easily to meet the publishing needs of the most simple to the mostdemanding websites.

Since the content management system does not completely rewrite the page code but rather edits individual elements, it produces clean, structure code that can be kept standards compliant, even up to XHTML strict 1.0.

With BB CMS, you can manage your website navigation menu quickly and easily. In just a few simple steps you can create links and add new sections and sub sections across your website.

Authorised users can specify the title, description and keywords associated with each page enabling you to fine tune your search engine rankings.

BB CMS makes it simple to add HTML snippets within a piece of content, such as embedding a You Tube video or Google Map.

Managing multi-language websites can be a labour-intensive process and often requires significant efforts from a web development team. The BB CMS simplifies the language localisation process making it a vital tool for your global business needs.

BB CMS allows the administrator to define who has rights and permission to work on a module, a section or even a single piece of content, enabling simple content control.

BB CMS protects you against unwanted attacks on your website. Output filters are used to weed out possible XSS injection and sanitise data to be XHTML compatible.