January 01 Blue Beetle post
posted by Mark Mark
We've moved office and have a new website...

We've moved office to Jumeirah Lakes Towers and we have a brand spanking new website too. You can view it here:

As a result our blog has also moved, you can now find it here:

posted by Mark Mark Wins Best New Website - Lifestyle

We are proud to announce that won the Best New Website in the Lifestyle category at The Internet Awards Middle East 2012.

Well done to the entire Blue Beetle team! Special mention goes to Mladjan and Fakhri for their awesome design and coding skills respectively. You guys rock :)


November 30 Miscellaneous
posted by Mark Mark
Congratulations UAE!

On December 2nd 2011 it's 40 years since The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's vision of union between the Emirates was born. Congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on this great milestone. Here's to the Spirit of the Union!

Oh, and for those of you who were lead to this page from our Xmas / New Year email... as Homer Simpson would say, "DOH!" That was a mistake ;)


October 06 Web design
posted by Mark Mark

Calling a web designer and asking "How much for a website?" is like calling an architect and asking "How much for a building?"

September 22 Conserve our planet
posted by Mark Mark
Saving the Arabian Leopard

Congratulations to David Stanton (a friend of BB) who has just succeeded in raising over $15,000 for the Nightwatch - Catching the Arabian Leopards with Camera Traps Kickstarter project.

David runs The Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen which is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a “sustainably managed wild population of wild Arabian leopards living in harmony with local communities in Yemen.”

He's been working his butt of to get this funding and we wish him all the best for this particular project now that he has it. Oh and by the way, just because the target to get the funding has been reached doesn't mean you can't still pledge if you want to ;) You can do so here.

September 20 Blue Beetle post
posted by Mark Mark
The Internet Awards Middle East 2011

Two of our sites have been nominated for The Internet Awards Middle East 2011 which has put a big smile on the faces of our clients in question, and ours off course.

Thank you to the judges over at The Internet Awards for the recognition and thank you to Texpo Global and Zedd Mobile for choosing to work with us and giving us the opportunity to do what we love.

Texpo Global has been shortlisted under the category of Best SME Website.
Zedd Mobile has been listed under the category of Best Digital Creative Campaign.

See this link for a list of all the shortlisted websites

May the best websites (ours!) win :)

May 16 Web design
posted by Mladjan Mladjan

For those people who are used to getting them or don't care about them it's simply - awards. Awwwwwwwwwards...(cue child drooling over chocolate ice-cream) if you don't have any. Yet.

In this case, besides having a smart name, is a meeting place for designers, web developers and Internet agencies all around the world. The main goal is recognising and promoting talent and the efforts of the best people in Internet industry while also evaluating web design, creativity and innovation. A lot? There's even more. If you are related with this industry (are there any people still not related?) or you just want to see some cool ideas in action, how the actual execution goes nowadays - you have to check it for yourself. 

For a second year running we've been asked to be judges at Its an honour to be a part of this community not only because we're judging alongside some of the best in the industry but also the fact that we're be constantly stimulated by a never ending flow of inspirational work submitted from all over the world. 

Is your personal or company website there? 
Is it Awards or Awwwwwwwwwards?

posted by Mark Mark
Some useful tips for job seekers

I have to admit, it amazes me how many CVs we receive on a daily basis where it is clear that the sender/job seeker is literally spamming in order to land a job. Do you seriously think you're going to get a job this way? Not only are you wasting your time but also if you do happen to end up working for a company this way then that is one company I would not want to work for.

If you want to get a job then keep in mind that the age-old saying is as true here as it is in many other instances - "quality is better than quantity". Instead of spamming prospective employers, carefully pick and choose whom you want to send your CV to and then put a bit of effort into it. Do some research; show that you are genuinely interested in working for this company. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn, fan them on Facebook, try and find the name of the person to whom you should send the email so that you can address them personally.

Keep in mind; you're not the only one sending in your CV so you need to do something special in order to stand out from the pack. Also, be sincere. Don't say something along the lines of "It is with great interest that I am forwarding my resume for your consideration..." while it is obvious that it is a bulk email. We receive emails like that with 50 contacts in the 'to' and 'cc' fields! You've just ruined your chances with all those companies.

A couple more tips - don't write an essay but also don't make it a one liner referring to a CV attached. Write a succinct punchy email that creates interest so that the reader is intrigued enough to check out the CV. If you say "Dear Sir, Please find the attached CV for any suitable position. Thanks & Best Regards", I'd be very surprised if it gets opened 1 out of a 1000 times.

Lastly, when you attach your CV, don't attach a Word document if you can avoid it. Convert it into a PDF first and send that, it is much more professional. Better still, if relevant, try and be different. For example if you're applying for a web design job, use the web in a clever way, be creative.

Use your time wisely and good luck :-)

posted by Mark Mark
Mobile friendly websites

Did you know that by 2014, the number of mobile Internet users will surpass the number of users browsing the Internet via a desktop computer? Its true, the number of mobile devices with Internet access has simply exploded over the last few years and forecasters expect the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet to surpass the one billion mark over the next four years (in fact some say as soon as 2013).

This has profound effects on the way we are approaching client projects. If your website is not mobile friendly you're loosing out (just as I mentioned in our previous post regarding email marketing).

There are a number of ways to cater for mobile devices. One way is to create separate versions, one for the PC and one for the Smartphone. Another way is to have a single version that dynamically responds to whatever you are using to browse the website. This technique is referred to as "Responsive Layout" and we recently released a website that makes use of it.

I wont go into technicalities right now but if you have a moment check it out and see what happens when you resize your browser window from large to small.

“Watch in amazement as the content responds to the browser window orientation and rearranges itself to fit the available space” ;-)

This way, whether you are on a phone, tablet or computer you see the same website optimised for your screen. Funky yes!?

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